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We started baking these soft pretzels in our kitchens and we’re so excited to share them with you! Unlike the big soft pretzel chains, the Olly’s pretzel is all natural and contains no lye whatsoever. Just organic flour, filtered water, honey, baking powder, yeast, a quick brush of good butter and salt. Flaky, of course!

Once a week on Saturday you can pick up our fresh baked soft pretzels at our kiosk at Platform in Culver City.

Pre-order here (please place orders by Friday at noon) or swing by Saturday morning to pick up in person, while supplies last. We’re across the alley from Blue Bottle.

A portion of the proceeds of every order will go directly to Free Arts, an organization that utilizes art to restore hope, resilience and self-esteem in children in Los Angeles who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and/or homelessness.


Soft pretzels have always been big with us. From the mall to the beer garden edition, we love 'em. But no pretzel was better than our colleague's soft pretzels - delicious, and completely handmade from natural ingredients (read: no lye).

The days she would bring them into the office were the best days. When the pandemic hit she started baking bigger batches, dropping them off at our houses. She even gave us the recipe so we could start paying it forward to friends and family and bring a little joy to their days.

Since then we've grown out of our home kitchens and brought on bakers who know what they're doing. Meet: Olly's Pretzels.